Cutting & drilling tools

Cutting & drilling tools

Knowing what drill bit to use and when to use it means you’re more likely to do the job right first time. However, with so many uses for these tools, there are lots of different types of drill bits out there that are dedicated to specific tasks. Understanding what they all do will go a long way towards making sure your project is a success.
This is where our range of drill bit equipment comes in, to Drill Mills, Indexable Tools, ALASDAF will keep your project supplied with everything it needs in industrial, building and construction materials which includes but is not limited to:
  • Drill Bits: Auger Drill Bits,Brad-Point Drill Bits,Cable Bits,Core Drill Bits,Double End Drill Bits,Drill Bit Sets,Forstner Drill Bits,Glass & Ceramic Drill Bits,Hammer Drill Bits,Hex Shank Drill Bits,Masonry Drill Bits,Mechanics Length Drill Bits,Pilot Point Drill Bits,Plug Cutter Drill Bits,Self-Feed Drill Bits,Shank Drill Bits,Solid Spade Drill Bits,Spade Blades and Indexable Drill Inserts,Spiral Flute Drill Bits,Step Drill Bits,Twist Drill Bits,Wood Drilling Bits, Drill Bit Accessories (Drill Extensions, Drill Stops, Morse Taper Drill Sleeves, Morse Taper Extension Sockets)
  • End Mills: Ball End Mills,Carbide End Mills,Cobalt End Mills,Corner Chamfer End Mills,Corner Radius End Mills,Corner Rounding End Mills,End Mill Sets,General Purpose Cobalt End Mills,High Performance Carbide End Mills,High Speed Steel End Mills,High-Performance Routing End Mills,Powdered Metal End Mills, Routing End Mills, Square End Mills,Tapered End Mills
  • Hole Saws & Cutters: Hole Saw Arbors,Hole Saws,Hole Saw Kits
  • Countersinks, Center Drills & Spotting Drills: Center Drills, Countersinks, Spotting Drills
  • Indexable Tools: Indexable Boring Parts, Indexable Drill Inserts, Indexable Insert Drills, Indexable Toolholders, Parting & Grooving Inserts,Threading Inserts,Turning Inserts
  • Taps: Extension Taps, Hand Taps, Pipe Taps, Spiral Flute Taps, Spiral Point Taps, Straight Flute Taps,Tap Sets,Thread Forming Taps
  • Drill Mills: Carbide Drill Mills


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