Safety, Security & PPE Supplies

Safety, Security & PPE Supplies

We are registered in all major oil & gas, fire specialized sectors & one of the leading suppliers of safety, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), fire protection, rescue, environmental, and industrial hygiene products. In partnership with the most important and successful manufacturers, ALASDAF has introduced a range of products that can be widely used in all Safety. Fire, Environment, and Rescue sectors. ALASDAF works towards implementing a total “Head-to-Toe” safety concept in accordance to the HSE standards by providing authentic Personal Protective Equipment, with a variety of premium range of products that includes but not limited to:

  • Eye and Face Protection: 
    • Safety Glasses, Safety Goggles, Face Shields, Eyewash Station, Eye and Face Protection Accessories.
  • Hand Protection
    • Heat, Cut, Chemical, Impact Resistance Gloves & Sleeves, Arc Flash, Welding, Electrical Gloves, Firefighting, Disposable, Water & Oil Proof Gloves, Mechanical & Multi-Purpose Gloves.
  • Fall Protection: 
    • Harnesses, Lanyards, Hoists-Winches-Lifeline Units, Rescue Kits, Fall Arrestor, Fall Protection Accessories
  • Head Protection: 
    • Safety Helmets, Welding Helmets, Head Protection Accessories.
  • Hearing Protection: 
    • Reusable & Disposable Earplugs, and Earmuffs
  • Foot Protection: 
    • Industrial Safety Footwear & Chemical Resistance Boots.
  • Respiratory Protection: 
    • Full-Face & Half-Face Masks, Disposable & Reusable Face Mask, Cartridges & Filters, Respiratory Protection Accessories.
  • Fire Protection: 
    • Fire Extinguishers, Fire Barrier Products, Fire Fighting Gear Storage, Alarms and Suppression Systems, Hoses and Nozzles, Fire Blanket, Firefighting and Emergency Response Accessories.
  • Protective Clothing & Workwear: 
    • Aluminized Clothing, Chemical Protective, Flame Resistant & Arc Flash Clothing, Molten Metal Splash Protection Blankets, Coveralls, Fire Fighting Clothing, Rainwear, Aprons, Safety Coats and Jackets, Cooling Vest (Body Cooling Solutions), High Visibility Apparel, Hoods, General Work Clothing, Bibs and Cape Sleeves, Chaps and Spats.
  • Welding Gears: 
    • Welding Aprons, Jackets, Sleeves, and Blankets.
  • LOTO ( Lockout / Tagout ) Solutions:
    • Electrical Lockouts & Covers, Group Lock Boxes, Cylinder Lockout, Lockout HASPS, Padlocks, Cables and Devices, Padlock Racks & Stations, Pneumatic Plug Lockout, Valve Lockouts, Security Seals, Safety Tags and labels, Personal & Group Lockout Kits, Lockout Safety Kits, Padlock Accessories. Lockout Tagout (LOTO) Brochure
  • Traffic & Crowd Safety Control: 
    • Barriers, Traffic Cones, Plastic Chain, Safety Signs, Speed Bumps, Safety Alarms and Warnings, Safety and Security Mirrors, Safety Cone Warning Lamps, Windsock, Impact Protectors, Flags, Paddles, and Triangles, Labels and Markers, Safety Kits.
  • Other Safety Products: 
    • First Aid Kits, FingerSaver, Spill Containment, Wipes & Cleaners)


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